How to Uninstall a Module in Magento - Reinstall Magento Module and Run Install Script

If you want Magento to reinstall the module and re-run any database setup, take a look at the core_resource table.

Delete your module from this table and DROP any tables that the module had created. Clear Magento’s cache and the module will re-install.

The mysql4-install-X.X.X.php files will only be run once by Magento. By changing the version value in your XML config (Namespace/Module/etc/config.xml), you’re telling Magento which install file it should use:

<!-- this in your config -->
<!--  would load this sql install file -->

Be sure to change the version of your install script when you’re deploying new versions of a module. During development, it’s still best to just delete the record from your core_resource table.